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Job market is becoming a really hot topic in Myanmar and you can participate on that trend and make a decent income. is launching out an innovative online assessment program for Myanmar market, offers aword-winning RQ CV database for potential employers and provides platforms for posting jobs offers.

What we offer?

All packages (except Lights) have an unlimited CV database access. It means, you can read and see all CV in RQ database before you make a decision to buy (deduct your credit). So you will not get any bad surprise, because you only buy what you like = Real Value for money.

Become a reseller

We work with many partners across Myanmar. If you want to join them and get to know the rules of cooperation, commission rates and discounts for partners contact us at:

Who is the affiliate programme for?

For everybody!

If you have an online website (e-shop, company websites, Bloggers, educational programmes etc.) you can earn additional money. If you do not have an online presence, but will bring potential client, you can earn money, too. Just call us to arrange for meeting.

You can earn money on the sales commission system of Roger Quest

Affiliates and individual sellers are the companies or website owners who provide leads to Roger Quest Affiliate system. We pay for every potential customer of the Roger Quest system. However, if you provide us the customer that is ready to purchase, which we will finalize, we will pay you a high premium (20% of the net purchase without commercial tax) for bringing us such a customer.

We offer high sales commissions, discounts for partners and remuneration for the transferred potential customers. If you are interested please contact us at:


- Constant additional monthly income  – Human Resource services market is in the initial phase and the competition is very limited so far.
- Recruitment and hiring is one of the fastest growing segments as many new companies looking for personnel
- High customer retention – Customer´s satisfaction causes very high commitment to the system and they repurchase, so you get your provision again.
- Sales support for partners – we offer direct support to our partners such as product training for potential customers and direct support of the sales process.


Make money with ROGER QUEST

It has never been easier to make money like this! All you need to do is to register first and then to implement this code

<iframe frameborder="no" height="550" id="affiliatebox" name="affiliatebox" scrolling="no" src=";id_affi=YOURCODE" width="632">no frame support</iframe>

 on your website with these nice banners and you can start making money immediately:

Provided by
All orders implemented through your site will be notified and you will get an e-mail , too. If the order is proceed and the client buys the package (he/she gets 5% discount as an affiliate bonus), you will get the whole 20% of the transaction value after discount.

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Proposal for Affiliate Partnership program

Job market is becoming a really hot topic in Myanmar and you can participate on that trend and make a decent income.
Roger Quest is launching out an innovative Affiliate Partnership Program for Myanmar online market. It offers a huge CV databases of our partners for potential employers and provides platforms for posting jobs offers.

To reach our goal becoming clear No 1 choice for all Myanmar companies in providing right applicants and offering job posting platform, we are looking for Affiliate Partners.
We are offering an affiliate program that pays up to 20% of sales volume. Once you register on our site, we will send you a unique link to promote Jobless CV database sales programme and possibility to post jobs at the biggest Job Posting Platform in Myanmar. The link will track orders that companies do with us are generated by your efforts. Once the deal is successfully done (company purchase the service), you get your award in cash from Roger Quest.

We invite you to become our Affiliate Partner!

What do we offer to different website owners?
The opportunity to market our services on Partner's website via affiliate advertisements. When a web user visits a Partner's site and clicks on affiliate advertising, it is redirected directly to the seller's website. If this user then makes a purchase, the website owner (of where the affiliate advertisement is) gets commission.
Online visits from Affiliate Partner's side shall be compensated by appointment. The following method of affiliate compensation that we use is „revenue sharing“ or „cost per sale“ (CPS). In this method the seller pays commission to Affiliate Partner depending on the number of sales made.

Why shall you become our Affiliate Partner?
In the Roger Quest Affiliate Program it is all about a partnership, where both parties have benefits from joint cooperation. The Affiliate Program is particularly suitable for those website owners, who have well visited website(s), which you can use to increase your earnings via our Roger Quest Affiliate Program. What's most important, you don't have any obligations towards our costumers. Fast, simple and transparent collaboration. The approach to it is totally free.

Join us!
If you're interested to join in our Roger Quest Affiliate Partnership, do inform us about your website (URL link) and if it suits to our program, we'll provide you with General Terms & Conditions for our potential collaboration. Afterwards, if you would agree with T&C, we'll fill a form and sign the Roger Quest Affiliate Partner's Agreement. It all takes only minutes.

Base Commission: 20%
Two Tier? No
Commission Type: Pay Per Sale
Payment Method: Cash
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Collection Payment: $150

Affiliate Software is now used by our partner 

Back on top


Leverage a partnership with Roger Quest Media Partnerhip Alliance, the Myanmar online recruitment leader, to deliver increased revenue and market share to your organization — and satisfaction to your customers. We are the strongest brand in Myanmar online recruitment. We have a proven record in monetizing our audience and can help newspapers do the same. Roger Quest Media Alliance has local content all over Myanmar,. A partnership with us delivers best in class recruitment products, technology, online assessment and career advise, so you can deliver a total recruitment solution to your customers, too.


Over 270 000 visitors per month
Over 7 000 Jobs available every day
Over 200 new Jobs offers every day
Over 6,6 fans on Facebook of all partners
Over 30 000 CV’s in our database

Sales enablement to monetize the recruitment vertical:

• Comprehensive sales training, tools, and development for all sales reps
• Dedicated Relationship Manager for direct sales support, training and mentoring
• Partnership with Roger Quest's Affiliate Sales Team to drive market penetration
• Ability to resell Roger Quest’s entire robust suite of recruitment solutions

Marketing consultation to promote local brand leadership:

• We will develop creative, marketing materials, and strategies to brand you as the local recruitment leadership
• Targeted field & online marketing programs to drive traffic to the co-brand website
• B2B marketing platform and sales tools focused on customer acquisition and/or expansion Comprehensive technology solutions at no cost to you:
• Co-branded job seeker and employer websites with complete Jobless functionality
• eCommerce engine to increase revenue potential from your website
• Operational processes and web tools enabling automated sales activities and customer management

Roger Quest International, the premier Myanmar Recruitment solution for more than 3 years, inspires people to improve their lives. With Myanmar presence, Roger Quest International works for everyone by connecting employers with quality job seekers at all levels and providing personalized career advice to consumers.

Now we partner with local Myanmar Online Recruitment provider

Boost your recruiting power

By integrating (partnering) with Roger Quest, your technology platform can leverage Roger Quest's reach to accelerate your sourcing and matching efficiency.

Tap into Roger Quest's wide job seekers reach reach
Real Time Posting enables the automation of posting job ads to Roger Quest from your platform. By integrating the job posting process, you can make it easier for recruiters to post job offers from your platform, both in complexity and time.
Find the right candidates.
We have the largest resume database in the industry. We also have the right tools to find the right candidates from our database for your needs.

Make it easy for jobseekers to apply
Apply with RQI makes it easy for thousands of jobseekers to apply to your jobs at home, in the office or on the go with just a few clicks. Whether it’s jobs posted on your career site or cross-posted to Roger Quest partner sites. Apply with RQI can help to simplify the apply process and send candidates CVs directly to your platform as well. 

We now work on first integrating project with


Roger Quest's Vertical Alliances are developed with the web's premier properties, as well as with targeted industry and specialty sites. These relationships help drive engagement by providing users with a full portfolio of careers services from our Roger Quest Solution.

About Our Partnerships
• The Vertical Alliance Partnership Program empowers partners to access content that is tailored to their needs, featuring a wide range of widgets and content. Partners may also list RQ job postings on their site.
• We offer customized solutions that will secure smooth integration into your site. Give your audience access to thousands of job offers and earn commissions by sending us qualified leads.

Why Partner with Roger Quest
Roger Quest's partners with Myanmar leading associations, publications and web sites. These relationships help Roger Quest build better recruiting tools and provide more knowledgeable support for all our customers afterwards.

Key Benefits of Vertical Alliances
• Customized Career Resource
• Modern Technology – Roger Quest builds, hosts and maintains the site
• Roger Quest Verticals are the premiere online employment solutions and the trusted source for thousands of companies in Myanmar

WHY Roger Quest?


You will be able to increase engagement, interaction, conversion and local reach

Your journey begins right here
Our mission is to facilitate those who share the same goal to help job seekers and employers to connect. By partnering with us, your business can gain great value by leveraging Jobless's power to reach and connect, for solutions from posting offers and applying to jobs to searching for resumes/CVS and reaching local Myanmar talents.


Constant additional monthly income  – Human Resource services market is in the initial phase and the competition is very limited so far.
Recruitment and hiring is one of the fastest growing segments as many new companies looking for personnel
High customer retention – Customer´s satisfaction causes very high commitment to the system and they repurchase, so you get your provision again.
Sales support for partners – we offer direct support to our partners such as product training for potential customers and direct support of the sales process.

Newspaper Partners
Roger Quest extends its leadership position and credibility in the recruitment industry to newspaper partnerships with a strategy that offers an all-in-on sales, marketing and technology solution for our partners.

•  We will integrate a fully functional co-branded experience, offering the full suite of Roger Quest Product and Technology solutions for your team to sell.
•  We do provide comprehensive Sales support for training, mentoring and sales assistance.
•  Our Marketing consultants dedicated to newspapers will help you to promote your company through print, digital, events, social and many other marketing           programs.
To learn more about Newspaper Partners, click here

Vertical Partners 
Jobless is the Myanmar leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. From the Web, mobile and social sites social, we help companies seek people with tailored solutions using most advanced technology to match the right people with th eproper and right job.
To learn more about our Vertical Partnership, click here

Integration Partners
Our partners' expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone; by working with them we are able to offer integrated solutions that deliver the best experience to our joint clients and job seekers around Myanmar.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us today.


Job Offers Advertising (Job Posting)

Why to post jobs at Roger Quest Media Partnership Alliance?
1. It is the largest online Job Fair in Myanmar. It means it offers more jobs than any of the competitor’s job sites (currently more than 7000 jobs offers daily)
2. You get advertising with your company description, including your logo in every job you post
3.Your job offer with logo is part of our newsletter to more than 70 000 potential jobseekers
4.You might get your job offer and logo exposed to over 6,6 millions Facebook fans all around Myanmar
5.Your job offer will be posted at our partner’s websites, too.
6. You will get unlimited fresh CVs and number of CVs from our partners databases which fit your job requirements
7.You communicate directly with applicants without our involvement
8. You can post your job in newspaper form (good for jobs with short descriptions)
9. You can make your jobs and company more visible with special features like TOP jobs, standard posting or placement with (executive search)

Price list

Now we partner for above content with, local Myanmar leading company in Online recruitment


When are payouts made to me?

At the end of each month, we run a report to see how many Jobless affiliate sales were made by your account. Each transaction is manually checked. Assuming your affiliate commissions are valid, so if you had three sales in September, you will be paid by first week in October. 

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

Yes. Once you accumulate at least a $150 balance (all amounts should be paid already to us), you will be paid out the following month. This watermark is in place to prevent affiliate fraud and abuse.

How do I get paid?

All affiliate payments are made by cash every first week after the calendar end of the month. The sum of commission should exceed US$150 or an equivalent in other currencies. If you want smaller amount, you should come and collect it in our office. Any account incorrectly setup will not be paid for that cycle. 

How will I learn if I earned a commission?

You will instantly be notified via email when a sale took place. All you need to do is follow the steps below and then place banner or text ads on your website embedded with your affiliate id code. It is that easy and doesn’t cost anything to join! 

How much money can I make?

That's a valid question and the first question we ask too! Our affiliate payment program is one of the best out in Myanmar today. There is no limit in the amount you can earn each month. The more you work to promote Jobless services, the better chances you have of earning more money.

How do I promote Jobless services?

There is plenty of different possibilities you can promote Jobless services. The most frequent one is by linking to Jobless site with either a banner advertisement or a text link. We provide you with several widgets and banners so it's very simple for you to get started even today.

How does Jobless affiliate program work?

Being an affiliate member, you are actually part of our sales team. For every client you refer to Jobless site that makes a deal (purchase), you get a commission (money). The more clients (employers) you refer to, the better chances you have of making more money.

How quickly can I start?

It only depends on how fast you can type. Roger Quest application only takes a minute to complete and you are instantly approved into Roger Quest Affiliate program. From your affiliate account, you will have access to our list of banners which are embedded with your unique tracking code. This is how we are able to tell if a referral came from you or other affiliate partner.

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